Would you like to be successful in your architectural internship applications? In this article, we will give tips for all architecture students to get internships, both voluntary and compulsory, in the offices they want. Architectural offices accept a large number of interns for voluntary or mandatory internships each semester. Architectural internships are expected from students by the architecture school in two different ways: construction site internship and office internship. Construction site internship is the observation of an architectural project by the students in a period of 1 or 2 months and gaining experience with the help of the site architects and the chief.

Architectural office internships, on the other hand, are mostly working in works that are in the concept and project stage. In most offices, intern architecture students complete drawings, make edits, and contribute to project development as requested. In both types of internships, students see the impact of being in the field and have unique experiences. Internship is a very important experience and only the internships of the offices whose projects you like are productive. It is very important to determine the projects you like and the offices you want to work in, and to complete your internships as you dream.

Photo Source: Why Architects are not “Engineers”! – Arch2O.com

Internship applications are opened online by almost all architecture offices. In general, internship applications for the next semester are based on CV and Portfolio submission for architecture students.

What do you need to do to stand out among other applications and be accepted in the office you want to apply for? Before reviewing your portfolio, it is very important for the application process not to leave a negative impact between emails. For example, sloppy and incorrectly sent application emails are often not considered. When sending an e-mail, you should briefly write your name, why you are applying and your motivation.

One of the biggest mistakes made is to send internship application emails multiple times. We recommend that you send a different motivation and promotional e-mail to each office. If you have time, you can examine the projects and architectural approaches of the offices and talk about which works interest you. Before evaluating your portfolio, you will stand out among other applications with your e-mail, which tells you what you want and who you are.

Photo Source: 8 Benefits of Internship (for Young Architects) – Architecture (architecttwocents.com)

Next up, making a difference with your portfolio design! You can increase your chances for your internship applications with a simple and strong graphic design language portfolio that best describes your design approach. Apart from this, include references in the content of your portfolio or in the resume you send separately.

References are one of the things that architectural offices pay the most attention to internship applications. Your professors at the school or your previous internship office will be a reference for your application.

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