Hiring managers see identical resumes in their emails every day. General descriptions, vague work experience, and irrelevant skills do not have a high chance of landing a prospective job. Tailored resumes are the answer to this issue.

Tailored resumes imply skills and work experience customization for job promotion, proper keyword use, and ATS optimization. The best way to get a tailored resume is to request professional resume editing like SkillHub, where cheap professional resume writers will tailor your resume according to the job position.

Otherwise, you may use steps from this Skillhub’s guide to make your resume more attractive to potential employers.

How to Tailor Your Resume to Match the Perfect Job Search Using SkillHub

Why You Should Tailor Your Resume

A resume is a document that reflects professional competence in a compressed format. It has all the necessary data that a potential employer requires:

  • Education;
  • Work experience;
  • Professional skills.

Why would job seekers bother with creating multiple versions of their resumes? There are several good reasons to pay attention to resume customization.

Enthusiasm about the Job Positions

Employers want to see motivated and dedicated professionals in the proposed job positions. This statement is true for resumes of any experience level. When recruiters see keywords and proper qualifications, they notice that a candidate treats this job application seriously. Such an attitude is worthy of an interview.

Alignment with the Job

Employers want to know how well a job seeker can fit in a proposed workplace. They look at work experience and professional skills to see potential employees’ compatibility with the job place.

Employers can see a proven record of similar responsibilities performed if a candidate places the required qualifications at the top of the resume. Besides, employers see how a candidate can contribute to the job and how the company may benefit from hiring this job seeker.

Better ATS Recognition

Usage of the proper keywords and relevant skills is not only attractive to a potential employer. It also helps resumes reach the recruiter’s desk more often. Many recruiting firms use automated applicant tracking systems (ATS bots).

ATS bots scan resumes and cover letters for the necessary keywords and qualifications. If they don’t find the right wording, bots discard the resume. Resume tailoring helps to pass ATS systems checking and increases the chances of landing an interview.

How to Tailor a Resume

Resume tailoring includes several steps. Following them in direct order is unnecessary, but each step helps tailor resumes more accurately.

Review the Job Description

The first step in resume optimization is understanding what position you optimize for. A candidate should review the job description carefully and pay attention to several factors:

  • Skills section;
  • Special requirements;
  • Required experience.

The skills section shows what kind of proficiencies a job seeker should have. This part of the job description may become a good source of keywords. Write down skills-related words and phrases. They will be used in your resume later.

The same applies to the additional requirements section: qualifications, education, and certifications should also be noted.

Pay attention to the list of requirements and responsibilities. It would be wise to mirror this list in the resume. Requirements that employers place at the top of the list are more relevant than the ones at the bottom. Try to demonstrate your qualifications related to the first half of the requirements list.

Compare Your Resume

After you have compiled the relevant keywords and qualifications, compare your resume to the list. Some skills may require alternative wording, and certain work experience may be irrelevant to the position. Place anything contributing to the job position at the top of your resume, starting with a summary.

Write a Catchy Summary

A summary is the first block that a recruiter sees. Therefore, it should grab attention right from the start. A general plan for a summary follows an introduction sentence, a sentence or two about achievements, and a closing sentence about the job seeker’s professional qualities.

When you write your summary, name your specialization similar to the job position you are applying for. Besides, add relevant years of experience in the first sentence too.

Customize your Work History

Work history is the second most important block of your resume. Its proper customization may increase your chances of landing a resume drastically. Job seekers need to choose an accurate format to represent their proficiencies.

The reverse-chronological layout is the most appropriate option for the work experience representation. It places the most recent job position at the top of the resume, shoving proof of professional capabilities.

You might use a mixed resume layout if you had relevant work experience before your most recent employment. The mixed layout places the skills section after the summary and lists relevant work experience.

Use Measurable Data for your Professional Accomplishments

When you list your work experience, don’t simply list performed duties. Scanning this section, employers look for possible contributions of an employee to the company. The best way to show such contribution is to present measurable values.

Each work experience entry should have up to six bullet points in which performed duties are listed. Adding solid numbers to these points makes them more interesting for recruiters.

For example, “managed successful marketing projects” does not show much. On the contrary, “launched six projects that meet the profit plan” shows what value an employee can bring to the company.

Not all prior work experience fits all the positions. Scan your CV carefully and pick relevant occupations for the tailored resume. If you have transferable skills from previous workplaces, you may list them in the additional information section.

Final Words

Resume tailoring may be time-consuming. Yet, possible benefits are worthy. Tailored resumes pass ATS checking easier and show the genuine interest of a job seeker in the position. To tailor a resume, you should review the job position, write down the relevant keywords, and apply them to the resume.

Alternatively, job seekers may always request Skillhub’s best resume writing service professional help. They will get impeccable results on tailored resumes for any career field.

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