Visualizing Architecture By Alex Hogrefe

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Visualizing Architecture By Alex Hogrefe

Alex Hogrefe is a visual artist who is an owner of the website called Visualizing Architecture. In the beginning, he created the website to communicate with his instructors through his thesis project. The website became a place that he shared his thoughts, experiments, and works.

Today, The website creates unique contents for each week. Students and young architects can be inspired by his works, illustrations, and renders. Also, There are several tutorials in the website about the tools that he used such as Photoshop or SketchUp. And there are portfolio tutorials that can give ideas to the students how to create their own portfolios.

He explains his roles by saying that “The site is meant to teach young architects the fundamentals of image making, and give them the tools they need to generate compelling images that tell the story that they want to tell.”


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