The representation and organizing of forms and ideas by means of lines is one of the most important phases of the drawing and design process. Therefore, the floor plan is the most fundamental architectural diagram, shows the unique style and design language of the architect and use as guide to improve the project.  

Federico Babina is an Italian architect and graphic designer who is known for creating illustrations by associating different disciplines such as architecture, art history, music and cinema. The impressions of observing the world through the eyes of a child are seen in his drawings and illustrations. The simplicity and clarity of his works are quite remarkable at first sight.  

In his work called Archiplanthe artist, who analyzes and abstracts the architectural floor plans of the most well-known architects, inform us about how these architects work. Each architect finds different ways to express their ideas with drawings and this depends on their perception, sense of space and their intellectual improvements. The representation of forms in a simple way help us to understand the methods of the architects.  

“The plans are like the signatures of architects and can reveal conceptual details about the artistic and aesthetic personalities of their authors.” 

If you want to look at the other works of the artist, you can visit the website.

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