DD16, Modular Compact House for Voyagers 

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DD16, Modular Compact House for Voyagers 
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  • Jan 25, 2019
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We are used to seeing people who take their backpacks and go to remote places under extreme conditions. Mobile people create a living space that can move with them. Is it possible to move a built-in area? DD16 is an idea that allows voyagers to travel with a house that is a symbol of settled life. 

Ivan Ovchinnikov of BIO architects discusses too many issues at the design stage. He is questioning the limits of modular architecture, geographic boundaries, climatic conditions and ideal living space.  





Photo:Ivan Ovchinnikov


What are the geographic boundaries? Cross the limits. Everywhere can become a place to live and it doesn’t have to be on land. Water is a part of the geography and should consider as a place to live. This architecture prototype is designed for this purpose and caters for not only intrepid voyagers but also nomadic fishermen, because this cabin floats on the water.  The structure of the DD16 was designed for buoyancy, for this reason, weight of the material is reduced. 

Lightweight materials are used such as laminated wood, polyurethane foam and aluminum sheets. The frame is made of laminated wood. Polyurethane foam is used as an insulation. The exterior finishing is made of composite aluminum sheets and it is resistant to the environment. 

The compact and simple design of the DD16 includes a bathroom with the shower, double bed, dining table and kitchen area. Besides, large glasses allow great amounts of light to enter. 

In DD16, Ivan Ovchinnikov aims to produce comfortable living spaces with compact and modular architecture. Actually, curious about what it feels like to be in such a place while exploring different places.  






Photo:Ivan Ovchinnikov


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