Instagram has now become a platform for all architects to share their work and be inspired. Everyone spends a few hours a day scrolling their Instagram and follows accounts based on their interests. Architects will of course follow many Instagram accounts on sketching, which is one of their interests. In this article, that’s why we have recommended you the best sketch pages for the city and architecture.

Sketch Museum

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The Sketch Museum account is a page that shares very successful works on architectural sketches and models. It is also a page where you will get inspiration on sketching and get architectural sketch ideas with different techniques.

Gérard Michel

Gérard Michel, who defines himself as an urban sketcher, has amazing city sketches on his Instagram account. He mostly draws medieval architecture and characteristic sketches of European cities. You should not miss the city sketches, these drawings that are wonderful in terms of architecture and urban planning.

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Boriz Zatko

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Next up is the Instagram account of a talented artist who sketches buildings with their atmosphere and character of the city. You can follow the inspiring hand drawings and urban atmosphere on Boriz Zatko’s page.

Dan Hogman

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Dag Hogman’s Instagram account is one of the accounts you should follow about architectural sketches. He shares videos while he is doing wonderful sketches. You will see how to do those sketches of different buildings and atmospheres with different markers and pens as well. It will be very good to see both the construction stages of the sketches and the results.

Phil Dean

The last Instagram account is about seeing, looking and drawing as it is written in the biography part. In other words, the artist draws the random buildings and streets he looks at and sees in a wonderful way and generally in terms of appearance.

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