BIM-Building Information Modeling is a digital building modeling process that is developing day by day in the architecture and construction industry. BIM technology, which become more and more important day by day, has completely changed the way of design, management and construction processes of the architectural project. With BIM, it is possible to manage all these design and construction processes with digital transformations.

BIM, seen as the future of building design, is the future of architects. It is developed through software such as BIM Revit and ArchiCAD, which will greatly affect the careers of architects. This technology is used to create digital building models from surface finishes, electrical installations, plumbing, lighting, windows and doors objects.

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What will happen in the future? We foresee that within the next few years, architects will present augmented reality or visual reality models of building directly with BIM equipped software. Therefore, customers will have the opportunity to navigate digitally inside the buildings designed by the architects before the construction starts.

BIM is for architects who want to provide a better and more realistic presentation experience to their customers and who want to expedite and manage the project design and construction process of buildings much better.

Photo Source: Building information modeling (BIM) | Digital building lifecycle | Siemens Global

From cost calculation of all objects to insulation properties; It is possible to model all projects from electrical system to installation. We already understand that it has a very important place in the future of architecture.

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