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Cambridge University is a state research university located in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Founded in 1209. Cambridge is the 2nd oldest university in English-speaking countries and the fourth oldest in the entire world. The university, which was founded by academics who left Oxford University as a result of their disagreement with the local people, has great similarities with Oxford, and the term Oxbridge is sometimes used to mean both.

Architecture School

Photo Source: Cambridge School of Architecture: Department – e-architect

Cambridge’s Department of Architecture is a fascinating location to study. Students study under the leadership of world-renowned researchers and ground-breaking practitioners at one of the world’s premier architecture schools.

The training emphasizes creativity, curiosity, and a strong intellectual foundation. Our cutting-edge design program is complemented by excellent instruction in architecture history and philosophy, modern culture and urbanism, as well as construction, structural design, and environmental design.

The department boasts a strong staff-to-student ratio, and the welcoming community environment encourages students to push the field’s frontiers and to stretch their own abilities in intriguing new areas. A fantastic library, studios and places for larger exhibits, as well as reprographics sections and workshops, are all available.

Photo Source: Cambridge School of Architecture: Department – e-architect


The undergraduate architecture program requires no prior knowledge of architecture. The Design Studios are at the heart of the program; here, you’ll work on specific design projects to hone your architectural talents through drawing, research, rendering, and model-making, all while utilizing a variety of techniques and technologies. A comprehensive spectrum of courses in History and Theory, Construction, Buildings, and Environmental Studies supplement studio practice.

Each year’s work is evaluated using a combination of written tests, submitted essays, and Design Studio portfolio of coursework. Students investigate and submit a thesis on an architectural subject of their choice in their third year.

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