Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) Zurich 


ETH Zurich is a Swiss public research university located in the city of Zurich. The school focuses mainly on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and was founded by the Swiss Federal Government in 1854 with the stated purpose of educating engineers and scientists. The Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology Domain, which is part of the Economic Affairs, Education, and Research.


Photo Source: Collaboration with ETH Zurich: “Belgrade Unbuilt – Project for Public Landscape” workshop | Univerzitet u Beogradu – Arhitektonski fakultet (

Students at ETH Zurich are the busiest of all students at Switzerland’s higher education institutions. The undergraduate program is extremely demanding, with up to twice as many lectures as related programs at other Swiss universities.

Architecture School

Photo Source: Main Building of the ETH Zurich | Attractions in Zurich (

The two-tiered Bologna process is used in ETH’s highly regarded architecture programs, which means that the Bachelor and Master degrees are designed to be completed in that order. On three fronts, BSc students are steeped in the fundamentals: design and construction, engineering disciplines, and historical and social disciplines. Working on larger projects allows master’s students to develop their own architectural approaches. Many of ETH’s top-tier resources are available through the architecture department, including NCCR Digital Fabrication, a Swiss initiative to lead the world in digital architectural technologies and physical building processes, the transdisciplinary Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore, and the interdisciplinary ETH Wohnforum-ETH CASE research center, which studies the evolution of architecture in the context of the built environment, technological developments, and social issues.

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ETH Zurich has established itself at the highest level of worldwide competition. Its multi- and transdisciplinary perspective, as well as its global links, enable it to highlight the most important aspects of sustainable development while also serving as a trustworthy partner for business, politics, and society. Department of Architecture (D- ARCH) is one of the most prestigious architecture schools in the world. Its prominence is due to the great quality of its teaching as well as the outstanding research outcomes. This long-established approach to teaching and research reveals itself in the framework of flexible design studios that collaborate closely with the institutes, and it is experienced as a holistic and open program throughout all years of Bachelor and Master studies at the D- ARCH.


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