If you are looking for a practical and quality way to render, start learning KeyShot! With its simple interface, KeyShot is not difficult to learn, it is one of the easiest and fast way for rendering. In this article, we have listed the best channels on YouTube that make it easier to learn KeyShot, you can start using KeyShot professionally by following the videos.

Photo Source: 3D Rendering Software & Animation | KeyShot

KeyShot Official Channel

The official YouTube channel of KeyShot render has numerous videos on how to work in KeyShot. You can follow this channel and the news about KeyShot. You may also learn the new features and improvement which come with the new versions of KeyShot. This is the easiest way to learn the latest versions and features of KeyShot.


3D PANN WORLD is a YouTube channel that share videos about rendering and creating 3D visulations in various softwares. There are KeyShot tutorial videos are available for the ones who need to improve their KeyShot rendering skills.

PC Sim 

In PC Sim’s channel, there are various videos for learning modeling with Rhinoceros and rendering with KeyShot. This channel has numerous tutorial videos for KeyShot rendering. Although KeyShot is available for Rhinoceros and other similar modeling softwares; you may learn from Rhinoceros to Keyshot thanks to PC Sim’s YouTube channel.

80 lv

In 80lv’s YouTube channel, you may follow the playlist of `tutorials` and learn KeyShot in an easy way. There various videos about different topics in that channel. However, videos that are shared for gaming and rendering are beneficial for you.

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