Famous Architecture Reads

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Famous Architecture Reads

I was always told from the start, that there was no wrong way to create Architecture, there was always a better way to do it.

That didn’t really make sense in the start. As time progressed I realized how valuable this information was. I was always the ‘CAD-monkey’. I believed if I worked hard enough in one area of the field, I would be able to set a certain standard in designing the buildings I did. Slowly but surely, as I started adopting software, I started losing the ability to see in three-dimensionality, when it came to making imaginary drawings, or simple sketches, a task heavily undermined in the digital world of today. Eventually, upon using (read: struggling) with a different software, I finally came to the simple conclusion that was always in front of me. Architecture demand originality. You may look around for inspiration, but in the end, if you aren’t original and you lack the creative edge, something that sets you apart from other Architects, then you’re only going to go so far in the field.

I will be writing and posting links to articles, tutorials, illustrations and innovative ideas on my feed.

Starting with the first topic of my blog.


1. Complexity and Contradictions in Architecture/Robert Venturi

2. 101 things I learned in Architecture School/Matthew Frederick

3.Architect + Entrepreneur: A Field Guide to Building, Branding, and Marketing /Eric W.Reinholdt

4. Designing Your Life/ Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

5. Athmospheres/Peter Zumthor

6. Non-Places/Marc Auge

7. Constructing Architecture/ Andrea Deplazes

8. The Image of the City/ Kevin Lynch

9. The Poetics of Spaces / Gaston Bachelard

10. Seven Lamps of Architecture/ John Ruskin

These are some of my favourite reads. They’re numbered, however in no intention meant as a source of comparison. All of these books talk about different methods of seeing, creating, understanding Architecture. For it is a very vast field, and there is no set writing in concrete anywhere on how to alter the physical realm to suit our surroundings.

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