Recreation Area Urban Design / Huseyin Cemre Kilic

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Recreation Area Urban Design / Huseyin Cemre Kilic
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  • Sep 10, 2019
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Architect: Huseyin Cemre Kilic
Location: Bursa, Turkey
Year: 2017
Instagram: @cklandscapestudio

Recreation areas planned around the canal include sports areas, activity areas, hiking trails, bicycle paths, open air cinema, skateboard tracks, hobby gardens, recreation areas, gondola and promenade areas. activity areas are designed. In the channel, plants suitable for the topographical structure and climatic characteristics of the area were used. Amphitheater steps and scaffoldings and user transportation network are combined in the channel where the gondola can be navigated. The cycle path and promenade along the canal provide support for the city’s transport direction. Exhibition areas were designed to protect the monumental trees within the area.

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