Bathroom Designs / MŌDO STUDIO

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Bathroom Designs / MŌDO STUDIO
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  • Oct 9, 2019
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Architect: MŌDO STUDIO
Location: Cluj-Napoca,Romania
Year: 2019
Instagram: @_modostudio_

MŌDO STUDIO: We aimed to integrate all design elements into a place of harmony and relaxation. Spacey and clean cut are both words that suggest what we were looking to create. The plants we used are a further expression of the mood we set: tranquility, balance & calm. To complete the natural tone, we chose stone and wood, reminiscent of nature and its perfect state of balance. While the plants and wood add a note of simplicity, the circular carved texture that encircles the mirror, remains the statement piece of this master bathroom. Geometric lines come in perfect completion of the subtle lighting we intended for this space.


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