Canakkale, Turkey


Today, those of us who use the Internet regularly are accepted as digital citizens. In this sense, we are all part of the digital transformation. This affects many areas in our lives and brings with it different definitions. This affects many areas of our lives and brings with it different definitions such as digital banks, digital displays and, digital imaging technologies. The architecture industry is also included in the definition of digital architecture. Digital architecture utilizes computer modeling and imaging techniques to create physical and virtual forms.


The concept of collage, which emerged in the Modernist era, also came to be used in architecture today as post-digital collage. The technique, also called Collage 2.0, is expressed as a romantic transfer of simulation applications. While the transparent transition between the disciplines of architecture and graphic design is particularly prominent in the field of visualization, the graphic presentation of houses and habitats and the functional existence of these forms and environments within the work have inspired the emergence of a different series.


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