DaRua Architecture + Ferri Architecture
Beberibe, Brazil


The project takes the principle of interacting the natural landscape with the buildings created, which justifies the arrangement of the buildings in the empty spaces found between the cracks in the soil. The aim is to arouse the curiosity of visitors to the landscape itself, making architecture a part of it.



Similar to the organic elevations present in the place, the architectural blocks fit in different ways according to the change in the angle of view, creating new landscapes together with their surroundings, respecting it and attaching it to its elements. In summary, due to the layout of the buildings together with nature, different landscapes and different forms of the project are created, allowing for a mutation in the “shape” of the complete work.



In addition to following rules that avoid touching sandy rocks. This objective is reinforced by specific openings aimed at the main points of demand for its visitors, framing them and highlighting the peculiarity of the landscape, referring to a work of art.



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