David Nee Zhi Kang
Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Mass housings nowadays are being done based on the maximum efficiency of the land use, profit-oriented with the fastest easiest way to complete. In results of standardized housing unit, autonomous and impersonal, neglect the architecture values and cultural aspect that emphasizes living qualities. This leads to typical practice of major renovation upon move in, to suit the buyer’s liking and demands to meet personal living qualities. More renovation and demolition ongoing in a house means more carbon footprint it has created to the environmental issues.

The proposed concept integrates mass housing with custom-made units to meet the demands of users from different background while still achieve the efficiency of mass production. The idea incorporates user participation in the housing design scheme through the modular system. A series of prefabricated modular spaces that offer highly customizable configuration during pre-occupancy and post-occupancy period for the user, within an open space provided by fundamental design. So architect’s role is to introduce the fundamental development through the concept of the urban village. To create a social enriched community that is able to enhance a strong sense of place and bonding between neighborhoods. While the users’ role is to complete the design with each’s unique identity and character. Creates the image of the apartment that represents the community who lives there.

The META House Apartment / David Nee Zhi Kang

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