Oznur Kilic + Ilkay Demirkent + Sedanur Uyar + Busra Armutcu
Ankara, Turkey
@ozznurkiliic + @ilkaydemirkent + @sedanuruyar + @bussraarm


The project is a team work. We started the project by identifying the missing aspects of the land on the Eskişehir road, which is the growing axis of the city. The basic questions such as the density of the Eskişehir road, vehicle noise, lack of pedestrian safety, lack of public spaces and green spaces, the presence of spaces and structures addressing only a certain class, unplanned growth and development are the factors that lead to the formation and progress of the project idea. There was a lack of functions that could belong to a neighborhood. It was aimed to construct a neighborhood where people of all ages and classes could be found. In addition to this main idea, ancillary ideas are to create a buffer zone that will remove pedestrians from the Eskişehir road, to create a crevice to escape vehicle noise and the intensity of the road, to create an escape point on the way to Eskişehir, which is a transit point for people in daily life, and to design an oasis. Slope was used to create a slit was placed in the lower elevations. The buffer zone was provided with a green area and this green band continued throughout the project area and ended with an oasis. There are shops on the lower level. Houses and shops are separated with the help of a base. Workshops were organized to grow the products produced in Bostan and a market place was designed to sell the products. Thus, it is aimed to ensure that the residents of the neighborhood communicate more.


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