Esdras Castell


The main objective of the project is the completion of the house, adding a second level and expanding areas on the first level so that both fit together. The concept of this project is based on giving an industrial character to a mountain house located in a privileged area in the middle of a pine forest, so the clarity of its windows creates an opening from the interior to the exterior and offers memorable landscapes. On the other hand, the house will double its area on a second level where the opportunity to achieve a better view is maximized, since this will be an open space without interior columns and the spaces will be separated only by the furniture and a good detailed decoration design. specific interior for each space.



It is proposed to expand on the first level: games room, dining room, service bedrooms, laundry, machine room, as well as the implementation of a new full bathroom and an outdoor deck. On the second level it will be possible to locate: 3 bedrooms each with a bathroom and private closet, open master bedroom that will have a bar, reading area, gym, full bathroom and two closets. The connection between the rooms will be carried out by means of a bridge on the outside coming from the stands on the first level. at the end the house will have two terraces at the front and a corridor at the back.



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