H. Omar
Club de Golf Estado de Mexico
UAEM Universidad Autonoma de Morelos


This project built in 2018 that arises as a need for a family to expand their weekend house to accommodate possible visitors. Inside a sober two-level cube with large windows facing east and south, it was built entirely with concrete blocks and finished with a mixture of lime, it tasted like nopal and a color based on natural pigments extracted from the earth; The space is developed as follows: with connection to the pool and the garden, the ground floor with marble floor includes a bathroom with toilet and shower, followed by a TV room and dining room that was proposed in double height with the aim to filter the naturalness. light. and using the least amount of electricity possible during the day, on the upper floor the bedroom is developed on a mezzanine with beams and cumaru wood, giving warmth to the space, merging with the staircase in materiality and function, since it makes the connection of both of them. levels and that in turn hides a minibar, kitchenware and wine cellar, allowing to optimize space and fluidity.



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