Pachuca 165 Project

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Pachuca 165 Project

Architect: Alejandro Cabrales @aslaj & Sofia Betancour @soufflez
Location: Condesa, Mexico City, México
Year: 2018-2019
Status: Under Construction


Renovation of functionalist 60s apartment in Condesa Mexico City. The original building was severely damaged due to years of zero maintenance; 4 apartments and rooftop were empty, with no electricity or water working and with practically no finishes or millwork. The goal of the renovation is to respect the original building configuration while proposing a new facade based on rhythmic repetition and alignments of difference sized windows, as well as changing the layout to provide balconies. The building will recover the original wooden floors and rounded columns while having few curved details to add a contemporary approach. To renovate the facade in a simple yet elegant way, the original painted finish will be covered with Chukum, a natural product from the Yucatan Peninsula that gives a polished, yet natural finish to walls.




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