Rohit Dhote
Ladakh, India

The Dragon’s Lair, as the name symbolizes, is a conceptual proposal for an exotic, isolated residence nestled deep in the Himalayan Mountains located in Ladakh, India. The structure is inspired by the form of the mythical dragon and molded and minimalized in bold concrete. The structure depicts a peaceful and secluded habitat in the harsh mountainous terrain, signifying tranquility amidst the chaos.

The form resembles a dragon’s head and neck thus giving it an iconic form and an aesthetically appealing look. The resemblance of the structure to a dragon gives tribute to the rich cultural heritage of the extreme North Indian inhabitants. The aim of the project is to visualize the possibilities of human habitat in extreme terrains! The minimal design language of architecture and the exquisite architectural form coupled with irregular and extreme terrain make the structure a visual spectacle!

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