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The idea of my drawings is to create a serie or a collection of facades from different periodes, places and movements in order to compare them and make some links between them. Architecture is the results of inovation and creativity but always linked to concious or uncouncious, contemporary or not, references. So I try to remove the idea of scale, materiality, and paradoxically color, to focus on the proportions, the geometry and the link between the elements constituing the facade. It brings the facade into a graphic element that you can compare with other facades having the same graphic. I also find interesting to compare how different movements or periods have designed buildings for, more or less, the same fonction and how different or similar they are. I like to see the references that some architects get inspired of to draw completly different building in term of fonction or volumetry from the orginial reference.


Christian Fankhauser

Instagram: @facade_architecture







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