Tarun Tyagi
Pune, Maharashtra, India
Vastu Kala Academy College of Architecture, Delhi

Designed in the outskirts of Pune, Maharashtra in India, this stand alone condominium on a lake side provides the user various experiences round the clock. The core idea was to foster human connect with nature and also reducing their time with technology. Utilising F.L.Wright’s principles on how spaces in a residence should be in a continuous flow, Jaalis have been used in place of walls and no intermediate doors are there. The overall flow of the space begins from the porch leading into the foyer which further extends into the living space along with the kitchen and dining area.

The bedroom is placed just behind the living area which is partially visible through the Jaali separation. The bedroom further leads to a spacious balcony which overlooks upon the lake. A docking platform is provided in the water for the purpose of roping a boat.

To build on the lake surrounded by mountains is always a challenge, because whatever one builds and however beautiful it may be it still takes away that much from nature. The strategy then is to build a glass house perched on the land and providing privacy for the inhabitants, at the same time to make sure the lake view gets highlighted from inside for the inhabitants. The structure is wood steel and glass, supported on 2 RCC columns, perched like a bird on land.

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