Hollow Mass / Santiago Ardila & Magali Schenkow

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Hollow Mass / Santiago Ardila & Magali Schenkow
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  • Jun 18, 2019
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Architect: Santiago Ardila & Magali Schenkow
Location: Roraima, Brazil
Instagram: @santiagoardilag & @magalisouzas

The project was made in the workshop in the 2019 edition of the Master in Collective Housing led by Andrea Deplazes (berth+deplazes) and Fernando Altozano. The aim of the workshop is to design a housing building based on its depth. In this case, the group had to design a buidling with 10.5 meters depth.


The project is based on a experimentation of light inside of the space, where all the walls are thick similar to a castle where the main central living room has the main roll with the private spaces around it. The concept we took for this project was excavating or digging a massive block making it hollow. All the residual spaces are useful spaces for the dwelling. 



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