Cohousing Project / Loes Maas

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Cohousing Project / Loes Maas
  • Posted by: illustrarch

  • Jul 1, 2019
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Architect: Loes Maas
Location: Peer - Belgium
Year: @maas.loes


The project concerns a cohousing project in a mansion located in the centre of Peer. The house has been built around 1920 and has many beautiful details, both on the exterior and in the interior. These details contribute to the quality of living. It is therefore very important that these details are preserved in the project.


Garden View

Kitchen View

Living Space

illustrarch said: "Adobe Photoshop.".
Luciana said: "what program did you use for the show stopper?".
Emily Sauer said: "Fantastic work".
Peter Seller said: "Amazing Drawings!!!!".
illustrarch said: "Thank you!".
Andrej said: "Arrimus 3D for me is the best channel.".

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