The Lichen / Errita Zuna

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The Lichen / Errita Zuna
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  • Jul 28, 2019
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Architect: Errita Zuna
Location: Wuppertal, Germany
Year: 2018
Instagram: @errita.zuna


The project is about creating a pavilion which empathizes the work of Tony Cragg, by mimicking the movement of his workflow. The lichen itself promotes a small, multifunctional space which defines the mutualism of nature and humans, through technology as an asset for the environment. By aiming the sky, the lichen offers a unique experience, which helps to understand the work of the artist. The hoops that reflect a moving image (which also provide light), together with the gaps between them, create a surrealist atmosphere, where the reality of the present (nature) and the imagination of the moving images collapse for the viewer while they are moving close or inside the pavilion.


Peter Seller said: "Amazing Drawings!!!!".
illustrarch said: "Thank you!".
Andrej said: "Arrimus 3D for me is the best channel.".

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