Dellekamp + Schleich + Ándres Palomino
Cruz Blanca, Cuajimalpa, New Mexico


This project was made for an artist and good friend who came with the intent of building a studio / gallery in the middle of the forest, 45 kilometers from the center of Mexico City and a few minutes from a town called Cruz Blanca, in Cuajimalpa.


Monumental and respectful, the visible structure is placed in the thicket of the forest. Its lyrical relation with the environment encourages dialogue with the volume; a grid of columns and beams surrounding it act as a skeleton, but at the same time modulate and order space.


Low budget, spaciousness, simplicity, and tranquility were the key concepts that set out clearly the priority assumptions of the project.


We obtained a budget of $ 75,000 dollars for the construction of this space with a carving, carpentry, sculpting and painting workshop, kitchen, bathroom, and storage. For this project, we reuse the formwork of another recently finished project, giving a waffle finish on the floor and ceiling, encouraging the sensation of space that our client desires for his study.



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