Active Living X Built Environment / Chirag Kapadia

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Active Living X Built Environment / Chirag Kapadia
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  • Sep 5, 2019
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Architect: Chirag Kapadia
Location: Mumbai, India
Year: 2019
Instagram: @chiragkkapadia


This design program will inform the programmatic requirements for the
design portion of this thesis, which includes the design of a SCHOOL for “PRE – PRIMARY / PRIMARY / SECONDARY SECTION”


The design will focus on UTILIZING and IMPLEMENTING design strategies that should ultimately provide balance for students to facilitate and encourage active living and physical movement towards improved wellness in a built environment by creating a healthy experience and changing the environment of spaces.



This project explores two different scales of design:



The designed architectural building shows how architectural design can facilitate and function as a stimulus to encourage movement and phyiscal strength of the students.  The project has sought to
rectify  the delayed development of movement skills in young, city dwelling children.  A school provides an ideal setting to explore architecture as a catalyst for movement and encourage physical activity in today’s children who avoid active living due to various reasons and have a very sedentary behaviour in nature.


Architecture that is designed to facilitate and encourage movement in young children is much more than a built environment. It challenges the typical pedagogies of learning environment and offers a new approach towards education, teaching and learning in such a manner that students explore movement and avoid sitting to death.


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