Rux Ade
Turin, Italy


The project takes a voyeuristic approach as the stalker seeks to wonder through the most populated streets of Turin in a guided exploration of the everyday life. In his following episodes, he limits himself to only observing people and their behaviour in public places. The predominant material in his composition is polypropylene tape, its specific qualities enable him to retain certain architectural features as well as the interaction within the space. Primarily, he is drawn to the numerous colonnades that line the central streets and squares of Turin, for their mediating qualities as transitional spaces between private and public spheres.


As he wanders through the city, he uses the existing architectural language of Turin to form a collection of elements that are then re-appropriated and relocated to a less developed area of the city, in the context of a residential courtyard, where the newly created urban landscape becomes an accumulation of events.



The compositional space is altered to echo the presence of Turin in a carefully curated exploration of cinematic spaces while it embodies a voyeuristic stroll urging the user to discover the spaces. The captured architectural elements start to unfold along multiple paths, connecting and overlapping into a game of interlocking spaces. They act as guides to the discovery of the hidden mysterious life of the building.

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