Zenia Zamani + Anastasia Bompou
Volos, Greece
@anastasia_bompou + @zeniazmn

The library is located in Nea Ionia of Volos, in Greece and is addressed to both the locals and the students who study in the city. Apart from the actual library, many facilities can be found in the building, including study rooms, amphitheater, café, etc. As for the shape of the building, it consists of curved lines that determine the flow (of movement)  inside it and a create a protected patio in the center of the building. The patio can function as a pleasant gathering place, like a square where concerts and other social events can take place. The library is designed as part of the course «Architectural Design VII» of Department of Architecture at the University of Thessaly by the students Zenia Zamani and Anastasia Bompou.

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