Lloyd Martin
Lagos, Nigeria
@lloydmartinarch + @studio8fold


Due to the impact of climate change, rising sea levels, increased rainfall and flooding are becoming a day-to-day reality for people in Lagos. The proposal embraces this inevitable future. Envisioning a new form of urbanism that enhances a symbiotic relationship between man and water.


Adopting the monopile construction system that is utilised in offshore wind farms as a deliberate choice in stark opposition to the typically used floating technique, which has a short life span and often fails after heavy rains. The sturdy nature of the pile provides a secure and solid base for communities to flourish, free from flooding. Each community cluster is supported by Service Platforms, Biorefineries and Market/Sports fields.



The Clusters grow organically over time, adapting to the ever increasing demand for housing in Lagos. Each home is envisioned as an enclosed loop, in which the circular economy and metabolism of the home is of primary importance.


“Live in harmony with nature, and you will live longer and wiser. Be as inevitable and indispensable as water, because water….. “WATER NO GET ENEMY” – Fela Kuti

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