‘Most Beatiful Toilet Ever’

‘Most Beatiful Toilet Ever’

AFAB is an architecture firm founded in 2017 by Aitor Frias and led by Aitor Frías and Joaquin Perailes.

AFAB keeps one foot in the most contemporary architecture and the other in the purest tradition. His work ranges from large-scale urban projects with impact on the city to the design of tiny objects, always in the context of an intellectual research.


Currently based in Switzerland and Spain

Contact: afabstudio@gmail.com

Instagram: @afabstudio


Designing a toilet in somewhere else in the world is not the same as designing it in a place like this one, inserted in one of the most beautiful and intriguing landscapes in the world. In such an environment, we did not even consider the possibility of designing a toilet as a merely functional service, but rather as a vital experience. We propose an absolutely iconic object which those who visit it will remember forever. A different and unique experience in life. The most beautiful toilet in the world.





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