H. Omar Mejia
Tulum Quintana Roo

A hug occupies two parts and is one of the most important human needs in our interaction with others, it shows security and great protection, as well as connection; As well as the building with its materials and its construction system is the least aggressive with the environment, the site returns the gesture embracing with its foliage. Destined to rest and designed to accentuate the landscape of the area. It arises from the need to inhabit a site without damaging its ecosystem.

Built entirely with sapote wood using a construction system free of steel fittings under the assembly method, a platform built with wood from the region is suspended on stilts, allowing wildlife to follow its cause; the structure based on columns and quadrangular beams serve as a skeleton to modulate the spaces, the delimitation for walls is using posts in rhomboid formation to give texture that blends in with the environment, seeking to produce a natural and relaxed atmosphere.

The palapa houses a bedroom with a dressing room and bathroom, a kitchen/dining room and a living room, linked to a pool, which merges the view with the horizon of the sea; the dwelling can be totally open or closed, without losing its privacy; dialoguing with the jungle context of a rich variety of species. This installation evokes the memory to be internalized and our essence, speaks to all the senses and makes them present, makes us think about the importance of architecture in our lives, one that involves the need to trust intuition and the intangible, it scales us to the landscape. It makes the sublime something beautiful.

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