About Us

About Us

illustrarch is your daily dose of architecture.

📅 In 2016, we started our publishing life as “illustrarch“, inspired by the words “illustration” and “architecture“.

⚙️ Until January 2019, we continued our broadcasting life on Instagram and established illustrarch.com to reach more people. On the website you are currently on, we primarily share students’ projects. We do this so that students can see what students at other schools are doing.

Another of our main goals is to change the perspective on architecture and to make people love architecture. We do this by using social media, which is an up-to-date method. Every day, at certain times, we provide a feed where people can be “inspired”.

What we do;
👉 Competitions
👉 Free contents (eBooks, templates etc.)
👉 Workshops
👉 Educational Videos