Online courses and educations have replaced face-to-face educations in recent years. You can follow more practical, accessible and effective courses online. It is more productive to follow such courses for both architects and people working in other design disciplines. If you are producing content on any subject, it may be possible to improve yourself and bring your studies to a better place thanks to online courses. There are many advantages of online courses that you can take from people who are experts in their fields, from all over the world, where you can make the most of your time from your work or school. Domestika is a website that describes itself as a community for creative people, offering numerous online courses. You can experience training at Domestika, which gives you the opportunity to take reliable courses on this subject. In the rest of the article, we talked about some of the topics of the courses you can follow. Let’s learn about the courses where you will not waste any time while improving yourself.

  1. Illustration
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Architectural illustration is one of the best thing to present your projects. Architectural illustrations can be defined your architectural approach in the best way. You can reach various online illustration courses to improve yourself. Online courses are consist of illustrations, hand-draw sketching, digital drawings, creations of diagrams and illustrations. You can follow some of the online courses about illustrations. There are courses about illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop in Domestika. If you can follow these kind of tutorial videos, you will improve your presentation skills. For your architectural portfolio, school projects’ presentations and your architectural drawings in professional life, architectural illustrations are very critical.

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Creative Watercolor Sketching for Beginners

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Drawing for Beginners Level -1

  1. 3D & Animation

The quality of 3D modelling and animations are present your works very well. Each architect needs well-designed 3D renderings. Animations are supports architectural renderings very well, you can follow a course below 3D & Animation category in You can create amazing animations to present your work in various software. In Domestika website, there are many courses about 3D modelling, rendering and animation.

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Introduction to After Effects

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Introduction to SketchUp

  1. Architecture & Space
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As an architect, you need to improve your architectural and spatial knowledge. Online courses about spatial organizations and architectural design process have many advantages. You can follow online courses in your house in your free times. There are many types of architectural design course and courses about space and environment. Architects should follow these kind of courses and additional educations due to improve your skills. We can complete a lot of information that we did not learn and missed at school, thanks to online courses, and we can improve ourselves in architectural design in the easiest way.

It is possible not only to develop architectural design and spatial abilities, but also to develop architectural drawing techniques in the best way possible. You can also learn architectural drawing software such as AutoCAD and Rhino in the best way with the category titled architecture & space in Domestika. There will be many advantages of taking online courses in addition to the courses at school in order to develop your architectural projects and make your drawings in the most successful way.

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Architectural Drawing: From Imagination to Conceptualization

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Autodesk Revit for Beginners

  1. Design

We can find an online course at Domestika, where you can improve yourself in all areas that come to mind when you think of design. You have the opportunity to take courses on design, from advertising to game design, from interior design to graphic design. Follow courses on the most popular topics and the most preferred software at Domestika, where you will improve yourself in many areas of design. Don’t miss the great courses at for both architects and people working in other design disciplines.

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Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

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Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

  1. Writing

In Domestika, you can find courses where you can get very good information not only about architecture and design, but also about writing. It is possible to take detailed courses on social media writing or book writing from experts in the field.

  1. Web & App Design

There are many courses at Domestika on web & app design, one of the most popular fields lately. If you want to improve yourself on web & app development, you can take courses on the content you will create in many areas.

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