In architecture, all the drawings and visualization processes of the projects are completed through digital software, as we all know. We know that architects, urban planners, interior designers and even people from other design disciplines do their work through digital drawing. Completion of digital drawings in 2 dimensions and design in 3 dimensions, preparation for successful presentations in order to represent the designs well are done with architectural digital software. In this article, we will examine the most used and popular digital software in architecture. Below, you can follow the titles as architectural drawing, architectural illustration, modeling and rendering.

Architectural Drawing

Photo Source: Architectural Drawing | Architectural Design Software | Autodesk

For the first phase of architectural design, architects starts with 2 dimentional sketches, plans and sections. The most preferred software for architectural CAD drawing is AutoCAD and ArchiCAD.


As we all know, CAD drawings are essential two dimensional drawing tools for architectural design. AutoCAD is the most popular and useful software that most of the architects know and prefer it. In AutoCAD, there is no chance to continue to 3D design. However, you can complete your architectural drawings detailed. No need to export any kind of CAD software to finish your project except AutoCAD.


Photo Source: How to improve architectural CAD drawings (CAD skills + ArchiCAD template) – Mesolight Visual (

ArchiCAD is also a CAD software like AutoCAD. There are some differences between them. ArchiCAD is developed for BIM technology, even if you are not use BIM you can complete your architectural drawings on ArchiCAD. The advantageous of ArchiCAD is converting 2D drawings to 3D models. You can generate and design 3D models easily.

Architectural Illustration

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Architectural presentations are as important as architectural drawings. The best representation of the projects you have drawn is necessary both for student projects and for better presentation of your projects in professional life. You can prepare good presentation sheets for your projects with software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is a professional software that you can create presentation sheets for your architectural projects and post-production for your renders. It is quite easy to improve your sections and plans, to paint site plans with Photoshop.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is very similar to Photoshop, but Illustrator works as vector. In Illustrator, you can create architectural diagrams and illustrations, improve your drawings, and get different presentations. The architectural illustrations you create with Illustrator will be the elements that best represent your own style.

3D Modelling

Photo Source: VisualARQ per AsuniCAD | Archello

The most important step for renderers is to produce quality and detailed 3D models. Let’s take a look at the most used software for 3D modeling.


Revit is a software that you can work with as a plan/section/view and simultaneously develops 3D modeling. Modeling in Revit is quite detailed. Revit is a BIM supported software and works as a family. For architectural modeling, you can use and model all building elements as separate families.


Rhinoceros is a modeling software that is very popular especially in parametric architecture. It is possible to use Rhino with a built-in Grosshoper plugin. We see that Grosshoper and Rhino, which have many advantages, will maintain their popularity in the coming years.


Photo Source: Pushing The Boundary with architectural visualization (

SketchUp is one of the most preferred and practical modeling software. SketchUp can work with almost any rendering software. Modeling is pretty easy. It is possible to add tools that are not in SketchUp to the software as Extensions. Especially for large-scale and less detailed projects, SkechUp is often preferred in architecture and urban planning.


Photo Source: Architectural visualization for the Mountain Man competition | Rendering of Architecture | Archello

And Renders! Renderings play the biggest role in architectural presentations. It is very important to use quality rendered images, especially in professional life. Let’s look at the rendering software that you will export to the 2d and 3d modeling software that you have completed your drawings.


The most used rendering software is Lumion. You can use Lumion to get quality renders in landscaping, urban planning, interior design and architecture. As long as you adjust the lighting and scene settings, it is possible to get very high quality and very professional renderings in Lumion.


Recently, Keyshot software has started to be used for rendering projects of many scales with both the browser version and the desktop version. You can give Keyshot a chance to get fast and quality renders.

Vray Render

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Vray is a very professional rendering software that can work with many 3d modeling software, especially in Vray light and material. With Vray rendering, you can get very flawless renderings, including interior architecture.

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