3Ds max that is Autodesk’s professinal modeling software, which stands out in architecture and animation, has been frequently preferred and popular interior and exterior architectural modeling in recent years. You can use many rendering engines such as VRay, Corona, Cinema 4D while modeling with 3Ds max, a modeling software that supports many rendering engines. 3Ds max is among the most professional and detailed modeling software in its field and is frequently preferred by architectural offices. It is possible to work in successful architectural firms by adding 3Ds max to your competencies. You also need to learn 3Ds max to get professional renders and create highly detailed and gorgeous project visuals.

It is not difficult to learn this software, which we have seen in recent popularity and preferred by students and architects. After solving the 3Ds max logic, it will allow you to do very good work in modeling and rendering. In order to establish this logic and to do very detailed and professional studies in 3Ds max in a short time, we will talk about several online courses in this article.

Thanks to the courses you will attend through Domestictika, you can not only learn a 3Ds max in general, but also gain this ability in the specific field you will work in. Here are some of the courses that will get you good at 3Ds max in no time:

Exterior Architectural Rendering with V-ray

Making exterior designs in architecture is probably one of your working areas as an architect. The 3d models and renders that you will produce to show your exterior architectural works allow you to best represent the atmosphere and spatial setup of the space. Each render and project image is a tool for you to best represent your project. Architects need to use powerful rendering engines like Vray to be good at exterior architectural renderings. Because materials and atmospheric elements are extremely realistic in Vray. You can learn everything you need to know when modeling with 3Ds max and rendering from the Vray engine, thanks to this course. By the end of the course, you will be able to get professional architectural renderings!

Credit: Online Course – Exterior Architectural Rendering with V-Ray (Visualfabrik) | Domestika

Architectural Animation in 3D

Architectural animation has been very popular in recent years as every presentation and architectural representation is in digital media. 3Ds max is a powerful modeling software that supports the creation of all animations, not just architecture. With 3Ds max, you can be quite successful in rendering and modeling as well as producing animation. If you want to learn how to prepare architectural animations and bring yourself to an expert level in this field, we strongly recommend the Archihectural Animation in 3Ds max course, which you will take from Domestic.

Credit: Online Course – Architectural Animation in 3D (AMO 3D Visual) | Domestika

Infoarchitecture in 3D

We recommend Infoarchitecture’s 3D course for you to learn 3Ds max and create beautiful architectural interiors. Thanks to this course, you will be able to make photorealistic renderings and interior works that will work best for you in architecture. When you finish this course, you will become the owner of realistic materials and spatial renderings of the interior. Especially those who do interior design need to make accurate and practical modeling in 3Ds max, as well as to have professional renderings on light and materials.

Credit: Online Course – Infoarchitecture in 3D (AMO 3D Visual) | Domestika

Rendering and Digital Collage for Architecture Displays

Being original and going your own way is what you really need as an architect. You need to make original designs to tell that the work you do on 3Ds max or any software belongs to “you”. These include collages and innovative renderings that you will create in your design language. The way to tell that the project belongs to you with a render image is through everything from color choices to material types. Thanks to the course we recommend to you, you can make amazing render plus collage works as you can see below.

Credit: Online Course – Rendering and Digital Collage for Architectural Displays (Architecture On Paper) | Domestika

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