This week’s artist is Rebecca Lee who has a very unique design approach and conspicuous talent. Maybe some of you saw her works on media platforms especially some of the design blogs or magazines that share her work on their Instagram feed or story.

In addition, You can check Rebecca Lee’s Instagram in which you can take a look at her works. She also has an artistic Instagram feed that can inspire you. My plan for today is to present and introduce you Rebecca Lee.

Rebecca Lee is a spatial designer with a focus on the retail experience. She completed her bachelor which is Furniture Design in the Rhode Island School of Design. recently she was Store Design Manager at Urban Outfitters. She is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa but freelancing globally.

When I saw her artworks on Instagram, I was under the influence of the simplicity of geometry. She uses geometry in such a harmonic way, I can feel the mystical power of the design. The relationship between solid and void appears tı be flawless. Apart from these characteristics, She mostly attracts attention through her use of colors in her designs. She mainly focuses on using pastel colors in a monochromatic way. She uses an object which seems to have a symbolic meaning. For instance, she makes use of a ball which most of the time stands on the floor. There may be many interpretations that totally depends on the individual.

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