Everyone wants to live in a palace or wants to sleep in a palatial mansion. It is everyone’s dream to live like royalty and feel all the comforts of a mansion. While it is not possible to suddenly move into a palace or a mansion, you can still create the atmosphere of a palace right in your bedroom. You just need to let your creativity flow freely and put in some effort.

How to Achieve a Royal Bedroom Look

If you want a bedroom that is right out of magazines and a bedroom that makes you feel like you are a king or queen then this is the article for you. This article contains amazing tips from various interior decorators and designers that will help you create a bedroom right out of some castle.

Colour Trends Suitable for Royalty

Colours are crucial for royalty and should be important for you too. Purple has been the colour of royalty forever, but not a lot of people seem to be using this amazing and decadent shade in their bedrooms. If you want to experiment with purple, why not go for a purple two colour combination for bedroom walls which will not only make your room look rich but will also make you feel like a prince or a princess?

Choose a High Bed with Thick and Comfy Comforters

One of the biggest things to pay attention to in royal bedroom designs is your bed. It is the highlight of any bedroom. You should ideally have a queen or king-size bed in your bedroom with thick pillows and a comforter. You should also invest in a good quality memory foam pillow to give you the ultimate comfort and support while sleeping like royalty. To take things further you can also incorporate a luxurious canopy which will make your bed look even more regal.

Let the Drapes Flow

While the bed is the highlight of any bedroom, you can make your bedroom look more elegant and decadent by adding proper curtains. Having long curtains makes your room feel airy and pretty. If you like to wake up late, it is recommended to invest in blackout curtains.

Use Choicest Furniture

Having proper furniture is one of the most important royal bedroom ideas. If you want to make your bedroom look regal then select furniture that will look dominating and bold. If your bedroom is small you don’t need to put a couch in your bedroom. You can instead have a loveseat or a couple of chairs with a table. These items will not take up a lot of space like a couch and are recommended for smaller rooms.

Proper Lighting

Good light can either make or break a room so it is necessary to choose the right light to make it look good. You should not have dingy and outdated lights in your bedroom. Instead, try to incorporate richer lights such as chandeliers and pendant lights. These lights will not only make your room look royal and bright but also regal and rich.

Let Your Walls Breathe Art

You should ideally have some good artwork in your bedroom. You can have a variety of art pieces in your room. You can also have a painting of yourself in the room. You can also have old copies of royal paintings and such. Egyptian pyramids and paintings of castles would also look good. Adding a touch of history with decorative medieval swords can also make your walls breathe by creating a regal atmosphere fit for a king in your bedroom decor. Incorporating these unique pieces alongside royal paintings and castle imagery will transport you to a bygone era of grandeur.

Mirror on the Wall

A royal bedroom should always have a royal and ornate mirror. The bigger the mirror the better it would look. You can also have mirrors with ornate frames. You can put mirrors near the bed, the furniture, and various other places. You can always have nice mirrors on your nightstand. You can also have multiple nightstands. Mirror nightstands are not extremely expensive and can still look quite luxurious and decadent.

Greenery and Flowers

While a lot of people have started incorporating plants in their houses, the number of people who think that plants are expendable and are an option is quite high. Plants are a must in a royal bedroom. Good quality greenery is an easy (and inexpensive) way of adding the royal touch to your royal-themed bedroom. If you are bad with plants, you may also put fresh-cut flowers around your room. Or you can also choose hardy plants such as dracaena, Chinese evergreen, pathos, etc. Put the plants in pretty glass, metal, or ceramic planters for added elegance.

Cleanliness matters!

Now that you have designed a royal and regal-looking bedroom like wooden floor tiles for bedroom, it is now essential to learn how to keep it looking like a queen’s bedroom. You must keep your bedroom floor clean, neat, and tidy. Also, the furniture, the bed, the curtains, and all the other elements in your room will be of no use if they are shabby and unclean. While kings and queens have people cleaning after them, you don’t, so instead of creating a mess, try to keep things prim and proper.

The bedroom often has a lot of wooden objects and items. Be sure to check the items regularly for mites and insects. You can also apply insect repellent products on these items. Sweep and mop the floor from time to time and clean the carpets regularly. Here are some ways to clean floor tiles properly.

If you share your kingdom with a furry friend, then adding a waterproof cat or dog blanket to your decor is a must! Not only will this make them feel like part of the royal family, but thanks to its heavy-duty absorption and leak-proof features, it will also protect your kingdom from any unfortunate spills or mishaps. Your pet will love the comfort, and you’ll love the practicality and ease of maintaining a clean and fresh-smelling home. Just like you, your fur baby deserves the royal treatment!

With these steps, you will be able to design your house like those that are seen in palaces and castles. Just try to keep things simple and bold. Don’t forget to maintain your bedroom and keep it clean.

Author Bio:

Mahima Rawat works with the content team at Orientbell Tiles, where she creates interesting lifestyle pieces on home and interior design. She loves presenting options to her readers so they can make the right choices when it comes to their home interiors. Flooring and tiles are her favourite topics. Besides interior design, she also loves to travel, play badminton and listen to music.

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