Every architect dreams of interesting and well-paid projects to work on. This could be sometimes challenging, especially for newly graduated architects. That is why it is important to start creating an architecture portfolio that would serve to get architecture clients or win contests for designing architectural constructions. Creating an architecture online portfolio in digital form is the modern approach to portfolio creation, which appears very effective these days. That is why, we have prepared several valuable pieces of advice for you on how to create an architect portfolio website and promote it.

How to Create an Architecture Portfolio?

Being a student or recent gradient in the architecture industry might be challenging as getting the first job is not always as easy as it might seem. That is why you should prepare for this moment long before you graduate. If you have already graduated, do not hesitate to start making your architecture portfolio right away.

During your student years, you have certainly worked on architecture projects on an individual or group basis. You can take those works as samples for your future architecture online portfolio.

Another thing you can do is explore the examples of architecture online portfolios. Check out portfolios of both professional seasoned architects with dozens of years in the sphere as well as newbies who also make their first steps as professionals.

After having an idea of what an architecture online portfolio looks like, you can start creating a simple architecture portfolio website. Once it is done, you will be able to find home improvement blogs that accept guest posts. Look for the best blogs with an audience interested in architecture-related topics where you can write a blog article and promote your architecture portfolio there.

Best Ideas for Professional Architecture Portfolio Website

Setting up a website might seem rocket science because of the anticipated process complexity. We would like to ensure that modern technological solutions have made it possible for people with no experience in website building to create beautiful websites. We will guide you through several basic tips that will help you to create your architecture online portfolio and promote it.

Use Website Builders

There is no need to be a professional web developer to create a simple architecture online website. Just refer to such platforms as WordPress or Wix that offer an amazing set of tools for you to build your own website from scratch. You can select the blocks you need for your web pages, reposition them, and add the content and media files there. Very often such website builders allow you to do everything for free except for the custom domain.

Present Yourself

Once you have decided on the structure of your website structure, it is the right time to fill it with the content and your architecture portfolio images. The first thing to do is to create a description of you as a person and an architecture professional. Thus, people who refer to your online portfolio will already get an idea of who you are and what you do.

Choose Color Palette

Presenting your website must be coherent with your professional accounts on social media. That is why you should decide on the color palette of your personal brand as an individual architect. Use the selected colors for the design of your website and social media accounts. This will ensure coherence and make your architecture brand recognizable on the web.

Select Best Works

Most website builders have templates for portfolio pages, which are suitable for creative professionals such as writers, designers, and architects. Select one of those template pages as a base or create your own portfolio page and select the architecture works to present to the world. Even if you do not have much experience as an architect, present the works you have, which would be definitely better than nothing.

Promote Your Website

Once an architecture online portfolio website is set up, it is necessary to promote it. You might get several backlinks to raise your website’s ranking on search engines. Also, you should consider SEO as the fundamental solution for your website promotion. In most cases, website builders offer embedded SEO functions which you can benefit from. See Lexinter to learn best practices on how professionals in the legal sphere promote their websites online.

Tips to Get Architecture Clients

As you create an online portfolio, you naturally expect that people will find you online through Google searches. However, you might also consider other online and offline methods to get architecture clients.

Visit Exhibitions

Building connections is the core of professional activity in most industries. As the architectural sphere is known for exhibitions and fairs as a common phenomenon, you can benefit from those to get acquainted with people. Those could either be your future customers or architectural bureaus you could work for.

Register for Webinars

Developing your skills is also very important for your professional activity. Webinars provide a great opportunity to learn new things refers to recent architectural trends. They also offer a unique opportunity for building an architectural community and getting to know new people.

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