Does your home need a style boost? Are you craving a more modern design trend but don’t want to spend a fortune? Some home projects can go a long way, giving your home the stylish update it needs. Here are a few of our favorite cost-efficient aesthetic upgrades to consider for your Tennessee home.

Paint Your Front Door

The front door is the first thing that you and visitors see when coming to your home, meaning refreshing and renovating it can make a big difference. Painting your front door is typically easy and can be done on a weekend. Sand down the existing door and then apply a coat of your favorite paint color. Let the paint dry and see if another coat is needed. Once finished, you might add a seasonal wreath to the door or some potted flowers to the front porch for an instant boost in curb appeal.

Give Your Home a Deep Cleaning

Sometimes, all you need is a deep cleaning to feel more comfortable in your home. Move furniture and clean underneath it. Get a step stool and dust harder-to-reach areas that you may often skip. Remove all rugs and have them professionally cleaned and dried before replacing. Schedule your professional carpet cleaning in Brentwood, TN, to get rid of unsightly stains and smelly odors.

Change Out Your Rugs

Changing out your home’s rugs is another excellent way to update its design. If you have rugs placed over your hardwood or tile floors, you might change them out for different colors or designs. If you choose a design that’s similar to your current furniture materials or home design, this can be an affordable way to refresh each room. You might even change out your curtains, too, and choose a rug and curtain combination that complements each other.

Upgrade Hardware

Upgrading your home’s hardware is easy and cost-efficient. Stop by your nearest home improvement store to find new knobs, latches, and handles that you like. Use a screwdriver to remove existing hardware in your kitchen or bathrooms. Matching your home’s hardware to the cabinets, floors, or carpeting can also help to create a consistent design theme in your home.

Freshen the Paint

A fresh coat of paint can also make a significant difference to your home’s aesthetics. Freshen up your existing paint with a new layer, or swap out your current colors for something new. Make sure your new color matches your existing furniture and carpeting. Otherwise, you’ll be tempted to replace everything, which can be a much more expensive project.

If you don’t want to paint, you could also play around with wallpaper. While wallpaper has gotten a negative reputation in the past, more recently, suppliers have designed products that are easier to remove from walls. This means that if you decide to decorate using wallpaper, it’s no longer a permanent decision.

Decorate With Wall Art

Hanging or replacing the wall art in your living room or entryway is another cost-efficient way to give your home a new style. Upgrade the photographs in your picture frames or move around any artwork or canvases that you want to keep. You might also update your home’s design with new pictures or sayings that better match your style today. Original photography prints from new or upcoming artists can also give your home a unique design.

Upgrade Your Countertops

There are also many ways to upgrade your home’s countertops without having to splurge on new ones. The first option is to cover your countertops using contact paper. This contact paper is made specifically for counters, meaning it will hold up to the water and moist conditions of your bathroom and kitchen. Another option to upgrade your home’s countertops is to use countertop paint. You can always paint over it if you don’t like the color, and completing this project is incredibly easy.

Go Green

Give your home a cozier design with real or faux plants. If you’re confident in your plant-keeping abilities, you might add a few large, real ones to your home’s design. If you want something more low maintenance, consider fake plants. Fake plants can look just as nice as real ones but are much easier to care for.

Give your home an aesthetic boost without draining your bank account. Smaller DIY projects and scheduling a deep cleaning service can freshen your home and give it the update you desire. Most of these projects also don’t require much time, meaning you can use your weekends to refresh your Tennessee home.

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