Day by day, our world is getting damaged depending on ecological causes. However, as human beings, our role can’t be ignored in that case. Do you recognize the mega structures around you? How are day acting in city? Okay, let’s say it’s the urban scale, hard to do but just for this time, let’s put it aside and focus on another thing.

Can you imagine the amount of the energy which has been wasting, structural elements, materials and their amount which has been putting… Imagine concrete, panels, plaster, steel etc… I believe that you have already started to think like ‘I wish would be other way to make it sustainable.‘ Well yes! Here it comes!

NY based studio, The Living, created a pavilion which was made by mushroom bricks! Probably you wonder how it can be possible, here is the video about the process.

As you can understand, it is cheap, eco-friendly, also sustainable. So, The Living created 10,000 bricks in that way and constructed 13 meters tall tower.

Pavilion hosted for cultural events for three months at courtyard of MoMA PS1, NY, end of its journey, they dissembled the structure and bricks went back to the earth they belong. As far as I am concerned it can be the best way to prove sustainability.

Founder of The Living, David Benjamin, explains his journey with these words; “We were interested in saying, ‘Could we create a new material and a new kind of ecosystem of design and manufacturing, and construction that was sustainable in new ways’ , and we pushed and tested the limits of what sustainability could be.”

You can also find more information and other works of The Living at

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