Social media affects the lives of architects as well as everyone’s life. Social media platforms offer a world where architects showcase their products, talk design and share design, including those created for architects and designers. Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, many meetings and events of architects began to be conducted online. There are some advantages for both architects and architecture students to be on social media platforms. In this article, we will talk about which social media platform you should be on as an architect and tips on how to use it effectively.

Some social media platforms are designed for designers and architects to share their work, showcase talent and become better known. As architects, you are expected to participate in such websites and platforms, and to create a profile with your works and designs. You can stand out with your work on platforms such as Behance and Issue. If you want, you can share your portfolio and share your product or project-based works in the best way visually. For employers and those who want to get to know you better, such websites and platforms are the places where you can best express your understanding of design.

Photo Source: Guide: Sign Up For Behance – Behance Helpcenter

You can take part in social media not only to share and promote your own work, but also to improve yourself. Pinterest is a platform where you can follow inspiring content related to your projects and work. You can follow the boards that interest you, create your own boards and create an inspiration archive. Pinterest is a platform that gives good ideas about poster design and material selection, especially for students. Most architecture websites and organizations have Pinterest accounts, you can search and follow profiles that interest you.

Photo Source: Pinterest for Architects – archisoup | Architecture Guides & Resources

You can also use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the world’s most popular and most-membered platforms, as an architect. Sharing your work and working life on social media in a professional way allows you to create a good image in the architecture industry. Apart from your personal accounts, you can use a professional Instagram account just like your portfolio. Do not forget to share the events you attended and the photos of the places you took with your architectural perspective on social media.

In addition to all these, be sure to register on LinkedIn, which is used by people from all professions as CVs and provides job opportunities for internship and job opportunities. It is very easy for you to reach companies, schools and institutions that interest you on LinkedIn and for them to reach you. Seize new job and internship opportunities by creating an official LinkedIn profile.


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