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Is it important to have a resume for architects? While architectural portfolios may have a page with your CV, one of the most important things for employers and schools evaluating your application is a clear understanding of your experiences, competencies and academic history. As in all professions, it is very important to write a resume in architecture. Your Resume should contain sufficient and necessary information. While this information best describes you and your academic career, it should have a good design, if not as much as the portfolio.

“Thinking like an architect” means “doing like an architect” for almost everything! So, of course, your resume should be like an architect. In this article, we will tell you about successful resume examples.

The examples you will see below are resumes of different architects and styles. This means that you can prepare a resume in the style that suits you. Just like an architectural presentation, your resume depends on your architectural approach, the vision of the institutions or offices you want to apply, and the design balance it creates with your portfolio if you are going to send it.

Photo Source: 5 Architecture Resume Examples That Worked in 2022 (

As in this example, you can create a fairly straightforward and minimalist resume. This type of resumes is quite sufficient and explanatory to give information. Since most job and school applications contain a portolio, you can choose this style to make your portfolio stand out and your information to be understood directly.

Photo Source: The Top Architecture Résumé/CV Designs | ArchDaily

As architects are different from other professions in every field, you can make a graphic design in your resume that will reflect your own style. It is possible to write CVs with your own picture or to prepare a resume for direct information purposes. The important thing is that you do not contradict your other designs while doing graphic design and that you prepare a “balanced” design by following the basic design principles.

Photo Source: The Top Architecture Résumé/CV Designs | ArchDaily

One of the successful examples is creating a logo with your own name, placing a QR code on your resume where they can access your portfolio. Likewise, you can personalize your resume with illustrations that represent you and support your skills.

Photo Source: The Top Architecture Résumé/CV Designs | ArchDaily

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