AutoCAD, which is the common point of almost all architects, has tips to make your life easier. Some of these tips are practical tricks for you to draw faster, some are for converting your drawing files and making them smaller. This article contains practical tips for you to use AutoCAD more efficiently. Let’s see what commands you need to use in order to use AutoCAD faster and easier in all your projects.

“TIME” Command

The first of the tips we will recommend to you is the TIME command.

The bar that comes up is actually similar to the command panel. It is a panel that gives you information about time with titles such as “Created, last updated, total editing time, elapsed timer, next autosaving”. Thanks to this panel, you can learn from the date and time you created your file to the automatic saving time again.

You can learn more from this video:


When you type ZOOMFACTOR on the command panel, you can zoom in/zoom out in a controlled manner without changing the actual size and scale of your drawings. The ZOOMFACTOR command prompts you for value and you can adjust the zoom value according to the number you entered. To learn more about this tip, watch the video below.

“CONVERT” Command

This command will convert Polyline drawing elements and hatches created in old AutoCAD versions into advanced drawing elements of the new version. In this way, both the drawing files will be smaller and the memory usage of the drawing elements will be more efficient.

“PURGE” Command

The PURGE command extracts unused layers, blocks, linetypes, dimstyles, textstyles and mline definitions from the drawing file. This will reduce the size of your drawing file.

You can watch this tutorial video for learning more about PURGE command:

“ISAVEBAK” Command

Do you want to get rid of BAK files that are always automatically saved with AutoCAD drawings? The command of ISAVEBAK is to get rid of BAK files and you need to enter 0 in the desired value in the command panel.

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