How do you spend your time on the Internet? Don’t we spend most of our free time in daily life while researching something on the Internet, scrolling on Instagram or chatting with our loved ones? Even in our non-free times, we search for everything we need on the internet, order or have online calls. We spend a lot of time on the Internet both in our professional life and in our daily life. Architects are different from other professional groups in many aspects of their daily lives. Because the abstract and analytical thinking skills of architects are developed and we can say that they look at life from a different perspective. Solving problems and producing quick and practical solutions to problems is part of the job of architects. Because of this, they always have a different life from people in other professions. If so, why should spending time on the Internet be the same for architects as everyone else?

As we all know, social media networks take a lot of time and sometimes contain dangerously misleading content. It is possible for architects to spend their time in the most effective way and to always develop their architectural perspectives while consuming content on these platforms. We recommend that you follow the pages that produce architectural content, rather than wasting time, especially while scrolling on Instagram. Since the Instagram algorithm brings you content according to the accounts you follow, you will see similar posts and you will not waste your time.

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Following architecture blogs that share up-to-date content is another way to learn new things while spending time online. Such blogs usually share articles that include current architectural discussions, architectural competitions and processes, important projects, and sometimes interviews with architects. Architectural blogs also include articles for architects with books, movies, and site suggestions. It will be useful for you to spend your free time on these blogs.

You never know where you will get inspiration for your projects or where you will find your idea while developing a concept! So take advantage of everything you look at, watch and read. Especially for architecture students, Instagram is an opportunity to follow famous architects and their offices and gain motivation. You can use Instagram to follow current issues in architecture, architectural competitions and new projects. The quality of the content you follow is important. It is a way to increase your motivation when you are overwhelmed with assignments and submissions as a student in architecture school.

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What you will learn from architectural blogs and a well-managed architectural Instagram account can sometimes inspire you while developing your project. The content we see and read enhances our visual vision. In addition, architectural blogs and architectural Instagram accounts share current developments in architecture. You can be informed about architectural events and news around you or anywhere in the world. In these days when most of our lives are online after Covid-19, you can learn about online architectural events in the world thanks to architectural blogs and Instagram accounts. Participating in such events and workshops will be very effective in their education, especially for architecture students.

How should an architect use Instagram?

While following architectural blogs and Instagram accounts, do not forget your own social media identity. In this article, where we explain the way to spend effective time on the Internet as an architect, let’s also talk about the importance of managing your own Instagram account. Your architectural identity represents your architectural approaches and vision. Social media networks are platforms where we introduce ourselves and gain an architectural environment for professional life.

For this reason, it is an important issue for young architects and architecture students to use Instagram accounts professionally. You can show your work by sharing your architectural vision on your social media accounts. Have you ever thought that it is possible to use Instagram as a new generation portfolio? Upload your best work to your well-managed posts, promote your posts and make them reach more people. At the same time, you can create your own architectural blog and share posts where you write about your work and project processes.

You can follow architecture blogs and Instagram accounts for inspiration to develop your own blog or Instagram account.

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