Pinterest is a social networking platform where all kinds of images are shared and works with the board system. It was developed in December 2009 by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra. It is an inspiring image sharing platform for architects and designers. Pinterest is very popular in the design world, including professional life, since student years. You can use Pinterest to be inspired by all your ideas with its inspiring content. In this article, we will talk about the most effective use of Pinterest as an architect. As in other social media networks, there are a few tips for creating your own profile on Pinterest like an architect!

How Should an Architect Use Pinterest?

First of all, if you are not a member of Pinterest, sign up with your Facebook or Google accounts or by creating a new Pinterest account. Pinterest is a completely free and ad-free social media network. To begin with, you can follow topics and popular profiles that interest you. Architecture, interior design, decoration, construction, design, architectural rendering, architectural diagrams etc. You can choose any of the topics that interest you. It is important that you write your name on your Pinterest profile according to your architectural identity (office name, full name, or the name of your professional Instagram account). Because the next step will be to follow your favorite architects, architecture offices, design and architecture websites on Pinterest. It is useful to create a professional identity for people to find and follow you!

Pinterest for Architects
Photo Source: Pinterest for Photography (

You can follow the profiles that interest you on Pinterest and the boards they create. At the same time, if you create a well-organized profile, you will grow your own followers and network.

Which architectural styles, decoration ideas, what kind of buildings you like will show itself with the architectural boards that you create. Also, pay attention to how the pins you have classified and created on your board are organized in your profile for inspiration!

Additionally, you can create public boards where you want people to be inspired, especially about architectural presentations.

Follow Your Favorite Profiles!

World-famous design and architecture content producers also use Pinterest among their social media networks. Do not forget to follow the websites that interest you on Pinterest in order not to miss their inspiring posts. The most efficient way to use Pinterest, which has one of the largest archives and the fastest sharing of visual content among social media networks, is to follow popular accounts. By following your favorite websites and pages on Pinterest, you can easily access the content on their websites. Almost all creators share their content via Pinterest as a pin.Of course we’re on Pinterest too. Don’t forget to follow us!

Photo Source: Pinterest

Creating Inspriational Boards

 Pinterest is a network of countless examples of all architectural elements and approaches when you search for inspiring images. For example, if you want to get inspiration for the architectural presentations of your project, type “architectural presentation” in the search field. You can create a board where you can save numerous examples under this title. It would be useful to collect the contents that you like and find inspiring under a single title, only for architectural presentation. You can do this on whatever you want. As an architect, create the architectural images, namely “Pins”, that you save on Pinterest as “Board” under the titles you want. Pinterest, which is a very enjoyable way to be inspired since your student years, will help you increase your visual vision with countless examples.

Photo Source: Pinterest

The Pinterest algorithm will suggest the best content for you on the homepage and under the pins. You just organize the boards you create well, both for your followers and for your own benefit!

Use For Anything!

In this article, we have talked about how architects use Pinterest effectively. However, you can use Pinterest for any subject, not just as an architect! Create a new Private Board with the pins you saved on Pinterest, except for the architectural content. Thus, it will be possible for you to be inspired by other topics that interest you without the permission of your profile visitors and followers to see it. With millions of images on almost every topic, you can use Pinterest for inspiration in every aspect of your life. You can hide all boards in your profile, from life style content to the pins you want to be “private” that you have saved for your projects.

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