Architects have different perspectives from other professional groups, both in professional and social life. The fact that architects are different from everyone else in their environment is due to several characteristics that make them “architects”. In this article, we will talk about some specific features. These features are also reasons to become an architect as well.

  1. Awareness on Space and Environment

Architecture is to be aware of everything in many ways! Awareness is a feature that architects must develop, both spatially and functionally. Every architect analyzes his environment well in terms of physical, social, demographic and even psychological. Architects, who are good analysts, have a very strong communication and relationship with their environment. The ability of analysis and awareness developed in architectural projects is also very effective in the daily life of the architect. Architects understand people from other professions and are well aware of their surroundings. Higher awareness is highly advantageous for the best understanding of what is going on around you and in the world. It strengthens your ability to find solutions and makes you aware of problems earlier.

  1. To Be A Specialist and Generalist
Photo Source: How to Land Your First Job in Architecture – Architizer Journal

Do you know what are the meaning of specialist and generalist? A good architect, also can be a good specialist and generalist as well. Because of that reason, we need to know how to be a specialist and generalist at the same time as an architect! A specialist is a person who has very good knowledge on any subject and analyzes the subjects well with all the details. Architects are undoubtedly the best specialists of all the projects they work on. Because architects take the project down to the smallest details and take care of it from start to finish to make it perfect. Both site architects and office architects are the best specialists for their projects from start to finish.

In addition, architects are found in all fields of study as generalists. Generalists can handle an issue and situation from the highest level. Architects, on the other hand, are experts on the largest scale of their projects from start to finish. Being the best generalists not only in the details but also in the project and design process is one of the advantages of being an architect. This feature of yours will improve you not only as an architect, but also in your daily life.

  1. Passion of Creating Something
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Creating something is always the motivation of architects. They always have a passion for producing, designing and developing ideas. Architectural productions and designs need inspiration. For architects who can get this inspiration from anything around them, chasing inspiration and having a passion makes their lives very enjoyable. This is valid for everyone who loves their job and who is looking for motivation to do this job. Architects can have the same passion in their profession.

  1. Good Communication with People and Nature
Photo Source: The cost of hiring an Architect | Eric Rodrigues – Toronto Architect

Working with people, producing for people and designing the places where they will live are inevitable for architects. Therefore, keeping in good contact with people and being the best at what they do should be the mission of architects. Communication is one of the most important keys in this profession and opens many doors. The relationships you establish with your employees, workers, steakholders and customers affect your professional life.

Besides, no architect should make designs independent of nature. He must establish the same communication and relationship with nature as he does with people. It is important for architects to make designs that do not harm nature and are energy efficient.

  1. Will Be Never Bored!

Rest assured, you will not have time to be bored. Architectural education, which has always been in a very intense program since student years, continues in professional life as well. Considering many details, following the application and construction processes, keeping good customer relations, agreeing with their employees are among the duties of architects. Architects spend most of their time developing and producing projects. Architects who do not have free time do not have any chance to be bored. If you don’t want to be bored, we can say that there is one more reason to become an architect. Doing your job with love and making productions in such a busy schedule will cause you to work as an architect without getting bored.

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