Sheet 1- Neighbourhood characters


“Neighborhood characters” is an architectural urban design presentation sheet that shows different characters of a neighborhood and the respective design solutions. The sheet communicates through illustrations and the composition clearly shows the characters and the respective solutions. Although the sheet is filled with text, the sheet is composed and colored such that the illustrations become dominant.

Sheet 2- Network: When the community comes together


“Network: When the community comes together” is an urban intervention or a public space designed to bring the community together. It translates the design through an isometric diagram and it becomes the central part of the sheet. The detailed activities at specific places and construction details are shown in circles. The sheet becomes minimalistic with the focus on the design and the context becomes the background.

Sheet 3- Fentress Global challenge- London Heathrow Airport design


“London Heathrow Airport” is an Airport design of Fentress Global challenge 2016. Since it is an airport design, the position of the airport in the context became important and so the city isometric explains the whole design. And the illustrations below resemble old yet futuristic movie shots, as it is a futuristic design competition.

Sheet 4- Fentress Global challenge- Airport design

10 Successful Presentation Sheets By Architecture Students

Yet again, one of the simple yet successful presentations of airport design. The detailed and exploded isometric in the white background clearly explains every part of the design and the visualizations on the side show the interior of the spaces in the airport.

Sheet 5- Design for Vietnamese-German University


“Design for Vietnamese German University” is a campus design. The presentation has three parts: a plan, concepts, and a render. Since it is a campus design, the plan becomes the core of the design and so of the presentation. Each block is explained in words through the plan and the render in aerial view explains the overall design.

Sheet 6- Tulum Plastic School- Archstroming competition


Tulum Plastic school is the shortlisted entry from the Archstroming school competition. The combination of cool colors makes the presentation sheet unique. There is a clear distinction between the sheet into three parts with the renders, concept, and drawings on the parts.

Sheet 7- KOMA-CBD


“KOMA-CBD” is the design of vertical commercial development. It becomes the best example of a portrait sheet for a vertical building design. The isometric plan with the view is one of the time savers yet efficient tips in composing diagrams. The uniqueness of the sheet remains in presenting the isometric plans with an important part of the sheet and minimizing the render to a small circle, which is not the usual case.

Sheet 8- Play with Plint


Play with plinth is another winning school design from the Archstroming competition. This presentation sheet is well composed with a variety of content, including plans, construction drawings, renders, isometric, concept diagrams, and sections. Although it has a lot of content, each part of the sheet is distinct yet coherent with appropriate space for each.

Sheet 9- Community Rampant


Community rampant is the design of a community center. The subtle white background of the sheet highlights all the content and gives importance to even smaller diagrams. Also, minimal content makes the sheet clear and composed and explains the design with clarity. The uniqueness of the sheet lies in keeping the background white and making all the content clear and visible.

Sheet 10- Tiber Living LabxRoma


Tiber living lab is the redevelopment of the Tiber basin in Rome. The sheet is divided into two sections of different colors with sectional render in one and concept notes and diagrams in the other. This presentation is a great time saver presentation since an illustration explains it all and this would be a successful example for a 120-hour competition and similar.

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