The architectural portfolio is the document that architects worldwide need to present their work in the best possible way. The subject of an online architectural portfolio is also popular lately, as online applications and publications in architecture are now quite common. In this article, we will talk about online architectural portfolios, which are now a must for everyone. Since all applications and evaluations are made through online platforms, we have mentioned below what you need to know about online portfolios. If you want to create an online portfolio with all the requirements as soon as possible, follow the rest of the article!

What is Online Architectural Portfolio?

An online portfolio can significantly impact your career, regardless of whether you’re a freelance architect or part of a larger architectural firm. You can introduce yourself, show off your abilities, and go into great depth about how you want to approach the art of home construction. Employers and potential clients can see a portfolio online. As a result, you ought to utilize it to demonstrate your abilities to their fullest and outline the projects you are competent of carrying out. The online architectural portfolio, which is required for you to apply online anywhere in the world, has now become a requirement for all applications.The nice thing is to have a small portfolio without wasting paper. Moreover, as we will mention at the end of the article, it is very easy to create your own online portfolio in a short time.

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Requirements of Portfolio

Online architectural portfolios ought to contain the items:

Name and contact details of the applicant,

The contents page, an explanation of the applicant’s unique contribution to any team initiatives or paid design jobs.

Each project ought to contain in the portfolio:

Project’s name and due date, whether the work was completed for personal, professional, or scholarly reasons.

In general, the elements required in an online portfolio are no different from a printed portfolio. The architectural portfolio should include the works that best represent an architect. The best reflections of all their experiences to date should be presented in the portfolio. As online portfolios can represent worldwide, they must be in English and contain a CV with photo.

In addition, online architectural portfolios must also be in the format of PDF. Do not forget to check the image and text quality of the PDF file. In job and school applications, in the smallest size but high quality PDF format portfolios are expected.

Source: The Best Architecture Portfolio Designs | ArchDaily

Creating Online Portfolio in the Shortest Time

For job and master or doctorate program interviews, you should always have a printed portfolio on available. However, as architecture becomes more digitally focused, having an online portfolio is less of a choice and more of a requirement. Here are the steps for posting your online architectural portfolio work in the shortest time below:

  1. Firstly, you should choose a template. There are numerous choices, both free and paid, for developing your internet portfolio. You may download and customize portfolio templates from websites like Illustrarch, Behance or PortfolioBox. You can get started by downloading the fully-made templates for these websites as soon as you are ready to create your online architectural portfolio. You may also find inspiration from these websites’ excellent examples.
  2. Choosing the contents of your portfolio is the second phase. Look for the projects that present your range of expertise. You can add more samples on websites than in a print or PDF portfolio, but resist the urge to include everything. Similar to a resume, a busy client or future employer should be able to quickly scan your portfolio.
  3. Next up is editing and sorting. Organize all the content you decide in an original setup, in the order that best describes your projects.
  4. The final step is to personalize your portfolio. Someone reviewing your portfolio should understand what areas you’re strong in and what areas you’re passionate about. Your online portfolio is a reference that will represent you around the world and it is very important that it is personal.

By following these steps with the portfolio templates you will get from our website, you will obtain a portfolio in a very unique and easy way. The most practical method for online portfolio design will be to add and personalize the contents you have carefully selected on the templates you will download from our website.

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